Post-Colonoscopy Instructions

1.   You may eat and drink whatever you wish after the procedure, unless your doctor advises otherwise.

2.   You may resume your usual medications. However, if your doctor gave you any special instructions  regarding antibiotics or aspirins, please follow them.

3.   It is normal to experience a little discomfort after a colonoscopy. Bloating and abdominal discomfort may be caused by air used to inflate the bowel during the procedure. This may be relieved by drinking warm fluids, walking, and/or taking a warm bath.

4.   During the first 24 hours, you may notice a small amount of bleeding when you go to the washroom, either on the tissue or in the toilet. This is normal after a colonoscopy. If you should pass a large amount (e.g. ½ cup) of blood or clots, notify your doctor immediately, or go to the Emergency Department and advise them that you had a colonoscopy at the Oakville Endoscopy Centre.

5.    If you experience fever, or a sudden onset of severe abdominal or rectal pain, please notify your doctor immediately, or go to the nearest Emergency Department.


· drive a vehicle      · operate heavy equipment        · drink alcoholic beverages


NOTE: Even though you may not feel tired, your judgment and reflexes may not be normal.

7.   The sedation has an amnesic effect.  Therefore, if you have received sedation, refrain from any legal or financial decisions until the next day.

8.   If you have had IV medication, some irritation at the IV site is normal. If you have concerns, please call your doctor.

Should you have any worrisome problems after your procedure, please contact the
OakvilleTrafalgar Memorial Hospital switchboard at
Please ask for either:
Dr. Arya, Dr. Bair or Dr. Pham.

Should you experience any unusual symptoms or problems requiring medical attention, following the procedure, please notify the Oakville Endoscopy Centre.

Please keep this instruction sheet for 10 days.  If you do need to contact a physician, please have the sheet with you as a reference to your preliminary findings.

Preliminary Findings:

You had   _____   polyp(s) removed today.

Based on the preliminary findings, your next colonoscopy will be in roughly _______ years.

Note: The exact interval for your next colonoscopy is based on the analysis of the polyp(s) by the pathologist.  After examination of the polyp(s), we will provide your family doctor with an official letter indicating when you are to have your next colonoscopy.  This may take anywhere from 1-3 weeks.

*Please do not contact the Oakville Endoscopy Centre for your pathology results.  These are forwarded to your family doctor.

CS =    cold snared          HS =    hot snared
CB =    cold biopsy           HB =    hot biopsy

OEC Physician’s Special Instructions (Applicable ONLY When Checked): 

Do not take aspirin, anti-inflammatories, or any blood thinners for _____ days
Diverticulosis - pamphlet given
Diverticulosis – take 1 Tablespoon of a psyillium fiber supplement, twice daily
Other instructions:  _______________________________________________


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